Training Emblem Downloads

Guidelines for Using the Official Training Emblems

NRA Certified Instructors, Training Counselors and Coaches are now permitted to reproduce the three copyrighted trainer emblems (marks). The appropriate emblem may be used on personal business cards and other printed or electronic promotional materials when used to promote NRA-approved courses, clinics, schools, and workshops for which the trainer holds a current certificate.

The same restrictions apply as those for using the NRA name or trainer titles in your promotions. When using NRA trainer titles or trainer emblems, all listed or referenced courses must be NRA courses unless the required disclaimer is also used. If the courses listed are a mix of NRA and non-NRA courses, each and every non-NRA course listed or described must include the disclaimer, "This is not an NRA-approved course," in type at least as large as that used for the course title. The use of the NRA name, trainer title(s), or trainer emblem(s) must not be used in such a manner as to cause the public to reasonably believe the user is an NRA employee or that their location is an NRA place of business.

Trainers who choose to use reproductions of the trainer emblems must be sure the images are of high quality. Good color or black and white scans of the emblem decals may be used. Do not use scans of the emblem embroidered patch or of photos found in magazines because they will not produce the required quality.

Reproduction and use is limited to these five specific emblems. Only the size may be changed in reproductions. Do not alter the color or content. Trainers may not reproduce the other NRA logos or the NRA seal. Any member may use the NRA "member mark," but remember that the member mark may not be used for commercial purposes.

You may either scan the official decals or download a high resolution image of the emblems from this Web page.

Instructions for Downloading the Official Trainer Emblems:

Right-click on the hyperlink to be downloaded (do not open the image by left clicking the link), select "save target as," follow the instructions on the prompt screen.

Official NRA Trainer Emblems
Program JPG Files EPS Files
Instructors Black & White Color Black & White Color
Training Counselors Black & White Color Black & White Color
Range Safety Officers Black & White Color Black & White Color
Chief Range Safety Officers Black & White Color Black & White Color
Coaches Black & White Color Black & White Color